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Is managing your NDIS plan making you stressed? Worry not, as Kencho Plan Management offers exceptional assistance in managing your plan and maximising its benefits.

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What is NDIS Plan Management?

Navigating your NDIS plan comes with its share of challenges, from handling invoices to keeping tabs on budgets. Kencho Plan Management, your dedicated provider, steps in to simplify the process for you. With our expert guidance, you can concentrate on accomplishing your goals.

NDIS plan management is a fully funded service assigns a plan manager to oversee your plan, ensuring optimal use of your funds. Your NDIS plan manager in NSW collaborates closely with you, offering assistance in budgeting, invoice processing, and claim submissions. This relieves you from the administrative load, providing clarity on your remaining funds and spending patterns for well-informed decisions.

In essence, NDIS Plan Management liberates you from administrative hassles, letting you focus on utilising your NDIS funding to unlock your full potential.

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Why Choose Us


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Extensive Experience

Our expert team brings to you 35 years of experience in the financial sector and an extensive knowledge of the NDIS systems.


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Tailored Support

We don’t follow a one-plan-for-all approach but customise our services to meet the unique needs of the participants.


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Developmental Approach

Through our services we aim to help the NDIS participants build capacity and develop greater control over their NDIS plans.


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Advocacy & Support

We advocate for the rights of the NDIS participants and ensure they have access to all the eligible supports and services.


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Accountability & Transparency

We are accountable for our actions and work with complete transparency to ensure you remain informed and in control of your plan.

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How to Apply for NDIS Plan Management in NSW?

Applying for NDIS plan management in NSW is an easy process. With just the following 4 steps you can access the services of the best NDIS plan manager at no extra cost. Here's how to get started:

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The first step is to inform the NDIS about your requirement to have a plan manager. They will include the necessary funding required to pay the plan manager that will be separate from your NDIS plan. If you are mid-plan, you can contact the NDIS officials at 1800 800 110 to discuss adding plan management to your plan.

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After you've got the budget for plan management, you can find and connect with the provider of your choice. You can either talk to your Local Area Coordinator or support coordinator. You can utilise the Provider Finder tool on the NDIS Myplace participant portal or talk to your friends and family.

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Once you have your list of suitable plan managers, you or your carer can have a conversation with them regarding the services provided. Our team at Kencho Plan Management will be happily answering all your queries so feel free to get in touch.

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Sign the Agreement

Once you have found the ideal plan manager, it's time to sign the service agreement outlining the services provided, the manner in which these will be provided, the tenure and all other necessary things.

Our NDIS Plan Management Services

Our Services

At Kencho Plan Management, we are your committed NDIS Plan Management provider. We are here to respond to your inquiries, handle your worries, manage your funds, and offer guidance.

Services we offer at Kencho Plan Management -

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Efficient Budget Management, Invoicing, and Financial Reporting

With expertise in the finance sector, Kencho Plan Management makes managing the finances of your NDIS plan easier by managing your budget, handling invoices, and providing concise summaries that keep you informed about your plan's financial status at all times.


Accurate Claims Processing and Timely Payments

By guaranteeing prompt and correct NDIS claims, Kencho Plan Management relieves you of administrative responsibilities and upholds support and service continuity.


Thorough Auditing to Ensure Accuracy

Kencho Plan Management guarantees your NDIS plan compliance, carrying out accurate audits and providing financial correctness, openness, and comfort through rigorous procedures.


Personalised Management Tailored to Your Needs

Kencho Plan Management provides individualised help with committed NDIS plan managers in Australia, guaranteeing guidance and tailored support to meet specific needs.


Unmatched Customer Service with a Focus on Responsiveness

Kencho Plan Management places a high value on providing excellent customer service and emphasises quick response times. Our team members remain committed to offering direction and assistance to ensure making your NDIS journey seamless.

Best NDIS Plan Manager

What Does the NDIS Plan Managers Do?

Your designated Kencho Plan Manager serves as a reliable companion in navigating the intricate financial aspects of your NDIS plan. When engaging a proficient NDIS plan management provider in NSW, you gain access to a spectrum of essential services tailored to enhance your experience:

Firstly, your plan manager ensures strict adherence to NDIS budget allocations and financial guidelines, providing you with the confidence that your funds are utilised optimally. They play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth transactions and ensuring timely payments to service providers and suppliers, thus fostering a seamless process.

Efficiency and precision characterise their approach to handling invoices and financial documentation. By maintaining records of all financial transactions and expenditures, your plan manager guarantees transparency and accountability in managing your NDIS plan.

Accessibility is a key feature of their service, as they provide clear and easily understandable financial summaries to participants. It empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of your financial status, enabling informed decision-making.

Furthermore, the aim is to provide a hassle-free financial management system, liberating you from administrative burdens. Engaging with NDIS plan managers allows you to shift your focus from budget concerns to the pursuit of your aspirations. Should you choose to reach out to us at Kencho Plan Management, rest assured that we are here to handle the complexities, allowing you to concentrate on realising both your short and long-term goals.

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NSW's Best Plan Manager

How Kencho's NDIS Plan Managers in NSW will help you?

With over 35 years of experience, Kencho Plan Management is a trusted provider in NSW. Our plan managers are skilled and dedicated professionals, always giving their best to support NDIS participants on a positive journey. We're truly passionate about assisting those who trust us with their plans and budgets. Our goal is to share our excellent budgeting and financial skills with you. This way, we make sure you always know about the services and resources available that suit your needs and that you have the funds needed to access them.

Having more than 35 years of experience as reliable plan managers in NSW, we ensure to meet your unique needs and manage your NDIS plan efficiently. Also, we utilise an intuitive CRM software that enables us to track your NDIS fund. We also offer its access to the participants so you can also witness the usage and current status of your budget. Count on us for an empowering plan management experience.

NDIS Plan Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Plan Manager at any time?

Absolutely! If you are dissatisfied with the services of your NDIS plan manager in NSW, you can inform them, and they will guide you about how to change the provider.

Do I have to pay for NDIS Plan Management services?

No. The NDIA includes funding in your plan to cover the cost of Plan Management. This means it won’t take away from your funding for supports and services.

How do I get Plan Management in NSW?

You can request Plan Management during your NDIS planning meeting or request a plan review to include it. Kencho can help you navigate this process.

Does an NDIS Plan Manager inform your service provider when you are low on funds?

Yes, your Plan Manager can monitor your budget and notify your service providers if your funds are running low. This helps ensure continuity of care.

What happens to my unused funds?

NDIS funds are meant for use within a set timeframe, and any leftover funds at the end of this period can’t be rolled over to the next plan. To prevent both over and underspending, an NDIS plan manager is vital, ensuring the optimal utilisation of allocated funds.

Location: NSW , Australia

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