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What is NDIS Plan Management?

If you want your NDIS journey to be smooth and seamless, opting for NDIS Plan Management service is your best choice. Understanding the complexities of Plan Management is necessary to fully utilise your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. This important feature gives participants the freedom to choose and manage their support while making effective use of their funds.

If you choose an NDIS Plan Management service, all of your plan's financial admin aspects will be handled by professionals. It's similar to having a bookkeeper who safeguards your finances. Your manager will support you in managing your finances, scheduling your expenses, and making on-time provider payments.

Plan Management is a specialised service that helps you simplify your NDIS plan's financial procedures. To make sure that your funds are used wisely and in accordance with your particular needs and goals, we manage invoices, process payments, and monitor budgets on a regular basis

Kencho Plan Management is backed by 35 years of experience in the finance sector, committed to offer right solutions for fund management aligned to the NDIS guidelines. By using CRM, we ensure keeping a track of your spendings and handle your funds precisely, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on achieving your goals and improving your quality of life. We will provide you with -

  • Guidance to help you understand and know everything about Plan Management aspects
  • Quick and accurate payments to your providers
  • Way to your budget dashboard through Portal access
  • A personalised and highly responsive service from your plan manager

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Why Choose Us


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Extensive Experience

Our expert team brings to you 35 years of experience in the financial sector and an extensive knowledge of the NDIS systems.


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Tailored Support

We don’t follow a one-plan-for-all approach but customise our services to meet the unique needs of the participants.


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Developmental Approach

Through our services we aim to help the NDIS participants build capacity and develop greater control over their NDIS plans.


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Advocacy & Support

We advocate for the rights of the NDIS participants and ensure they have access to all the eligible supports and services.


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Accountability & Transparency

We are accountable for our actions and work with complete transparency to ensure you remain informed and in control of your plan.

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How to Apply for NDIS Plan Management in Ballarat?

Embarking on the NDIS Plan Management journey in Ballarat necessitates careful consideration and a few essential steps to guarantee participants efficiently manage their finances with flexibility and assistance. The following steps need to be performed after determining the available options, which include Self-management, Plan Management, Agency Management (NDIA managed), or a combination of them:

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If you decide that Plan Management best suits your needs, you are giving your NDIS funds to a NDIS plan manager in Ballarat to manage. Plan managers take care of provider payments, help you keep track of your funds, and oversee financial reporting.

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Confirm that you would like to choose an NDIS Plan Management provider at your first NDIS planning or plan review meeting.

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Find a plan manager who has a thorough understanding of the NDIS and experience with finances while you wait for your plan to be approved or evaluated. A knowledgeable plan manager can help you understand your plan and make the most of its financial advantages.

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You can work with NDIS plan manager in Ballarat when your plan, including NDIS Plan Management service in Victoria has been approved. Once you get the approval, you can specify what services you will need to manage your plan.

Our NDIS Plan Management Services

Our Services

At Kencho Plan Management, we are your committed NDIS Plan Management provider. We are here to respond to your inquiries, handle your worries, manage your funds, and offer guidance.

Services we offer at Kencho Plan Management -

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Efficient Budget Management, Invoicing, and Financial Reporting

With expertise in the finance sector, Kencho Plan Management makes managing the finances of your NDIS plan easier by managing your budget, handling invoices, and providing concise summaries that keep you informed about your plan's financial status at all times.


Accurate Claims Processing and Timely Payments

By guaranteeing prompt and correct NDIS claims, Kencho Plan Management relieves you of administrative responsibilities and upholds support and service continuity.


Thorough Auditing to Ensure Accuracy

Kencho Plan Management guarantees your NDIS plan compliance, carrying out accurate audits and providing financial correctness, openness, and comfort through rigorous procedures.


Personalised Management Tailored to Your Needs

Kencho Plan Management provides individualised help with committed NDIS plan managers in Australia, guaranteeing guidance and tailored support to meet specific needs.


Unmatched Customer Service with a Focus on Responsiveness

Kencho Plan Management places a high value on providing excellent customer service and emphasises quick response times. Our team members remain committed to offering direction and assistance to ensure making your NDIS journey seamless.

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What Does an NDIS Plan Manager Do?

Maximise your NDIS plan by working with the NDIS plan manager - a dependable partner. With a NDIS Plan Management provider, you will have easy access to addressing claims and generating invoices. When you work with a committed NDIS plan manager, they help you remove all the financial complexities, freeing you up to concentrate on living life to the fullest. You can focus on your priorities when you entrust the management of your plan funds to dedicated individuals, knowing that the management is in reliable hands.

The major responsibilities of a plan manager are -

  • Get invoices directly from a provider or the participant.
  • Apply for financial assistance through the NDIS Portal.
  • Pay invoices by the deadline.
  • Check to see if providers are giving accurate bills that meet NDIS requirements.
  • Provide the participant with a monthly statement that contains a summary of their spending and a breakdown of the remaining money for each type of assistance as well as overall.
  • Consider a variety of scenarios or options while managing the budget.
  • Enhance your financial literacy and self-management skills.
  • Help you collect data for the review of your plan.
  • Assist you in maximising the advantages of your plan.
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Ballarat's Best Plan Manager

How Kencho's NDIS Plan Managers in Ballarat Will Help You?

Your NDIS finances are in capable hands when you work with our NDIS plan managers in Ballarat. With a commitment to make your NDIS in Ballarat journey easy, we will look after all the essential aspects like budget management, payments, claims, audits, and reporting.

At Kencho Plan Management, we are your trusted team of plan managers in Ballarat, ensuring to travel that extra mile so you have nothing to worry about. Kencho is home to a group of plan managers that put participant satisfaction first and go above and beyond in every situation. We take a person-centric approach, adjusting our NDIS Plan Management in Ballarat services to meet each participant's particular needs better. We prioritise addressing all needs and then exceeding them by adhering to the following values: transparency, equality, reliability, and inclusion. We will constantly maintain communication and inform you as your NDIS Plan Management Provider by being completely transparent in all of our financial reporting and communication.

From assisting you in managing your budget to assisting you during the claims and billing process, we will take care of everything to enable you to live an empowered life. So, get in touch with our NDIS plan managers in Ballarat and begin your NDIS journey the right way!

NDIS Plan Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Plan Manager at any time?

Yes! You have the option of moving to a new plan manager who will oversee your plan on your behalf if you ever feel that your present plan manager isn’t adequately serving your needs.

Do I have to pay for NDIS Plan Management services?

The NDIS will provide funding to your plan to pay for the plan manager. Your budget for your other services and assistance does not cover this. If you are in the middle of your plan and would like to make adjustments, call NDIS at 1800 800 110 to discuss how to include plan management in your plan.

How do I get Plan Management in Ballarat?

  • Discuss your preferences for NDIS plan management.
  • Make an official request to include NDIS plan management in your support plan.
  • Explain how a plan manager could assist you in managing your NDIS finances at the planning meeting.
  • Choose an NDIS plan management provider that meets your needs.
  • Contact the plan manager to learn more about their practices.
  • Sign the agreement and start the services.

At Kencho Plan Management, we work hard to ensure that our clients have a smooth, efficient, and transparent NDIS experience. Get in touch with us right now!

Does an NDIS Plan Manager inform your service provider when you are low on funds?

No, you should get a direct message regarding the low funds from your plan manager. This will provide you with the opportunity to talk about the existing provider and make any necessary adjustments with your provider, support coordination provider, or community partner.

What happens to my funds if I haven't spent them?

You will forfeit your NDIS funds if you don’t use them. Like private health insurance, if you haven’t used up all of your NDIS funds by the time your current plan expires, they won’t transfer to your next plan. Rather, the NDIA will receive the remaining funds.

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